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Spanish language schools in Spain

There are at present more than 20 International House (IH) language schools in Spain.

Most of these schools concentrate on teaching English to the local population, but seven of them — IH Barcelona, IH Cadiz, IH Madrid, IH Palma de Mallorca, IH San Sebastian, IH Seville and IH Valencia — are schools that specialise in teaching Spanish to students from all over the world.

In 1998, the IH language schools in Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian and Seville formed a consortium called IH España (or IH Spain). All four schools shared a common philosophy: we all wanted to offer Spanish courses which exceed our students' expectations.

In January 2005, the original four schools were joined by the IH language centre in Palma de Mallorca; in January 2007, by the IH school in Valencia; and, in May 2010, by CLIC-IH Cadiz.

Working together means we can also offer students the opportunity of taking a Spanish course at more than one of our Spanish language schools in Spain.

You can find out more about the Spanish language schools that make up IH Spain either on this site (click the links below) or by visiting the schools' own sites.

Spanish teacher training

In 2010, IH Barcelona, IH Madrid, IH Cadiz and IH Seville started a joint venture, FormacionELE.com, to provide blended — as well as 100% online — Spanish teacher training courses as an alternative to our traditional, face-to-face teacher training.

Other International House schools

There are 150 IH schools in 50 countries around the world -- not just in Spain.

Find out more about all IH schools on ihworld.com.

Spanish in Spain

Spanish in Barcelona | Cadiz | Madrid | Mallorca | San Sebastian | Seville | Valencia


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