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There is not much doubt that in order to learn Spanish you need to come to Spain. But then again you don't learn a language simply by being in the country; a little instruction from a qualified native-speaking teacher will help you make much more rapid progress towards learning the language. And that's why an IH Spain course of this kind will help you start to speak Spanish fast...

For those staying, and perhaps working, for longer periods in Spain, our extensive, part-time Spanish courses are a good way to learn to speak Spanish. Offered throughout the year, each extensive Spanish course lasts for a particular number of weeks, usually not less than 8, with language classes in small groups and a wide variety of levels of Spanish, from beginners to very advanced.

Of course, if you are really in a hurry, what you want is an intensive course, with more hours a week...

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Extensive Spanish courses are available at IH Spain schools in Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian, Seville and Valencia. Click on the school of your choice in order to view further details of the courses.

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