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Living and working in Spain

For anyone with only a limited amount of time in which to learn Spanish, an intensive course is probably the ideal solution.

However, if you really want to learn the language — to reach a very high level and acquire the sort of accent and degree of fluency that makes people think you're Spanish — then for most people it's going to be a case of a long-term stay, ideally living and working with Spanish people.

Our internship programme allows you to do just that.

About the internship

The programme gives you the combination of an intensive Spanish course plus work experience in a Spanish company. Your stay, depending on your choice of centre, can be anything from 3 to 9 months in duration.

The internship, it should be noted, is generally unpaid. It does, however, as well as being absolutely great for your Spanish, provide you with the chance to really get to know Spain from the inside, and makes for a valuable addition to your curriculum.

Learn more

For more details of the programme, go to the internship page of one of the three IH Spain schools currently offering it, Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian or Valencia...

Spanish in Spain

Spanish in Barcelona | Cadiz | Madrid | Mallorca | San Sebastian | Seville | Valencia

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