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La sardana

La Sardana (statue by Josep Cañas, Montjuic, Barcelona): Spain's regional dances are one of the many facets of Spanish culture we look at on our culture courses

Apart from Spanish language courses, IH Spain also offers Spanish culture courses. Indeed, like many experts, we believe that studying Spanish culture – or that of any other language you might be learning – is a fundamental part of learning the language itself.

Depending on the IH Spain centre you choose, we offer both Spanish culture courses specifically for Spanish teachers, as well as add-on Spanish culture courses which can be combined with and complement a general language course.

Spanish culture – its art and architecture, its different regional traditions, its traditional dances and fiestas, its history and so on – is so rich that it is impossible, here, to describe all the aspects of Spanish culture our courses cover. We look at Picasso and Dalí, regional dances and music (like flamenco), the Easter processions and San Fermin, the Spanish Civil War, the press...

But as each of our different schools looks at Spanish culture from a different perspective – from the North or the South of Spain, from Madrid or from Barcelona – the best thing really is for you to find out what each school offers.

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Specific Spanish culture courses are offered at most of our centres – Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. Click on the school of your choice.

Click here to choose a different sort of Spanish course.

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