Intensive Spanish Courses in Spain

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  • Intensive Spanish Language Courses in Spain

    Intensive Spanish Language course in Spain

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Intensive Spanish Language course in Spain

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Intensive Spanish course in Spain

IH Spain offers best Spanish Language Courses in Spain

Taking an intensive Spanish course in Spain at an IH-certified school means that you are guaranteed high quality in both teaching and service. Only schools who maintain a high standard, verified by regular inspections, are allowed to be part of the worldwide International House network.

All our centers offer Intensive Spanish courses in Spain. Pick your course based on your own needs and goals; we offer special courses for exam preparation, business, groups, and more. There are intensive Spanish language courses for all levels and all ages, the most popular choice being the general intensive course. There are never more than 10 students in any given class as to assure that our teachers can give each student the personal attention they need.

All schools also offer rich and varied cultural and social programs, as well as longer weekend excursions. This is a great way to have fun and get to know new people at the same time that you are also practicing your Spanish. The accommodations offers are designed to be able to provide a comfortable stay for everyone. Depending on your budget and preferences; choose between homestay, student residence, shared flat, or private apartment.

If you wish to make the most of your time and try out different locations, you can split your Spanish course in Spain between several IH schools. We are located in the centers of some of the most popular cities and towns to visit in all of Spain.

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Intensive Spanish Courses in Spain

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Our Spanish Courses in Spain offers following:

  • Course start each Monday, all year round
  • Maximum 10 students per class
  • Combine your course and experience different cities
  • Minimum course duration 1 week
  • Accommodation options (homestay, student residence, shared flat, and private apartment)
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Our courses
General Intensive
The most popular choice, opt for the standard (20 h/week) or super intensive (30 h/week). You can combine your intensive standard course with other special/extra courses.

Private Lessons
A perfect addition to your standard course. In your private lessons you can work on what you specifically are having the most difficulties with.

Senior Course
Our senior courses are specifically designed to fit the more mature learner, both with regards to teaching methods and leisure activities.

Special Courses + DELE
Do you need special knowledge and vocabulary for your work or studies? We offer business Spanish, medical Spanish, preparation for DELE exams and more.

Teacher Training (FELE)
We offer various teacher training courses for those who want to become Spanish teachers. Certify yourself officially with the FELE course.

Group Courses
Want to come with an entire school class or other group? We arrange tailor-made courses for groups bigger than 10 people.

Spanish School in Spain

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