Spanish Language School in Cadiz

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  • Spanish Language School in Cadiz
    About Our

    Spanish Language School in Cadiz

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About Our

Spanish Language School in Cadiz

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About Spanish School in Cadiz

IH-Cadiz: Best Spanish Language School in Cadiz
CLIC International House Cadiz consists of a 300-square-meter modern building in the best district of the city, Bahia Blanca, just a few steps from the beach and main shopping areas.

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Facilities include at Spanish School in Cadiz

  • Eight fully equipped classrooms with natural light.
  • Audiovisual systems and interactive whiteboard
  • Conference room.
  • First-aid kit, wheelchair accessibility, air conditioning.
  • Multimedia room with video library
  • WiFi and self-access computers.
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Five reasons

To choose our Spanish Language School in Cadiz

1. History -Cadiz is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the West, and it’s still noticeable today. It has maintained its centuries-old traditions but combined them with a a splash of modernity.

2. The Beaches – The beaches of Cadiz are considered to be amongst the best urban beaches in Spain and there are several choices: from the beaches of the historic Santa María del Mar and La Caleta, to the Atlantic dunes of Cortadura.

3. Culture – Cadiz is still somewhat of a hidden gem, so instead of being one among a swarm of tourists, you can easily relax and take part of the local culture. People from Cadiz are known to be the jokesters of Spain, so be prepared to learn some Spanish banter

4. The Market – The Mercado Central is Cadiz’s lively market, and of course, the specialty is fish. So fresh that some of the catch is still moving, you could either get some yourself, or enjoy it at one of the surrounding tapas bars.

5. Surf – Facing the ocean in all directions, it’s obvious that Cadiz is a great place for water-related activities. Many come here to surf, wind surf or to sail.

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Spanish Courses in Cadiz

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