Spanish Language School in Valencia

Welcome to Españolé, the premier Spanish school in Valencia. Housed in a completely restored old palace, our school preserves the charm of its historical past in modern, fully equipped facilities so that you can enjoy every moment with us.

The ancient remains of the Arab wall run through the school and coexist with classrooms and new spaces specially designed according to our vision of what a language school should be like in the 21st century: a combination of history and modernity.

The interior of Españolé houses some of the best-preserved remains of the old Arab wall that surrounded the city in the 11th century: part of the Puerta de la Culebra, which was believed to have disappeared, was recovered and integrated into the building along with arches and fragments of the defensive canvas. Discover the unique blend of history and modernity at our Spanish school in Valencia.

Spanish Courses in Valencia

Spanish Courses

Our intensive Spanish course has a practical and communicative approach, focused on the main skills of the language: writing, reading, understanding and speaking. A course designed so that you make the most of every minute of class and enjoy the experience of learning Spanish.

Spanish and sailing

As host of the America’s Cup in 2007, Valencia is the perfect place for sailing. Learn Spanish and practise a different sport, connected with nature in one of the most Mediterranean cities in Spain. You will have the intensive Spanish course of your choice (20, 25 or 30 classes) and 6 sailing classes per week. The sailing course starts every Monday from June to the middle of September.

University Pathway

If you want to study at a university in Spain, you need to pass the PCE (Specific Compentency Tests) or EvAU (Evaluation for University Access) exam and we can help you to achieve it successfully. The preparation courses to access university are tailored to each individual student to achieve their goal!


Spanish gastronomy, with its tapas, its unique dishes such as paella, its desserts and with products as spectacular as ham, is one of the most representative of Mediterranean cuisine: fresh, healthy, delicious, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and of course, with olive oil as the protagonist. By learning to cook carefully elaborated menus, students will be introduced to the typical Spanish gastronomy.


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