Spanish Language School in San Sebastian

Spanish language schools in San Sebastian

About our Spanish school in San Sebastian

IH San Sebastian is located a 5-minute walk from the center of San Sebastian, next to a large park. New premises were built and opened in July 2000, specially designed to house a modern Spanish language school. The building is recently refurbished.

Our facilities include:
• A large reception area with comfortable sofas
• A large common area
• A library with a graded reading material, Spanish newspapers, and magazines
• An open-air terrace with snacks, as well as coffee and drink machines
• Air-conditioned classrooms
• Computers with free internet access for our students
• Video recording, overhead projectors, and sound systems, among other teaching aids

Where are we?

Five reasons to choose our Spanish school in San Sebastian

Spanish language schools in San Sebastian

  • The capital of the Basque country – The Basque culture is probably the most mysterious one in all of Europe, there still are no known languages related to Basque for example. This uniqueness is of course also noticeable in their food, sports, mannerisms, and much more.
  • Beaches – If you just want to have a relaxing day on the beach, you should head over to La Concha. The surfers might want to check out the Zurriola instead, however, they are both beautiful beaches.
  • Mountains – Apart from the mountains in San Sebastian, the Pyrenees are actually only a two hour drive away. Think of it, you could be skiing and chilling on the beach all in the same day!
  • The Food – Pintxos are the most famous Basque specialty, they are sort of like little sandwiches, with all kinds of different toppings you could imagine – and more! Moreover, San Sebastian has more Michelin starred restaurant per square kilometer than Paris, so from the local bodega to the fanciest of restaurants, there’s something for everyone.
  • Festivals – Are you in the mood for some jazz on the beach? This town boasts several music and film festivals well worth a visit.

Courses at more than one centre

Take a combined Spanish course with us at two or more of our centres. Great for seeing more of Spain!


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