Spanish Language School in Valencia

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  • Spanish Language School in Valencia
    About Our

    Spanish Language School in Valencia

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Spanish Language school in Valencia

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About Spanish school in Valencia

IH-Valencia : Best Spanish Language School in Valencia
Españolé IH Valencia is located in the historical Palacio de los Fernández de Córdova, a building located in the heart of Valencia’s old town. The school is surrounded by shops, historical sites, and the atmosphere truly highlights the energetic Spanish city life.

Our 2100-square-metre palace has 28 classrooms with modern facilities and offers a wide range of courses taught by qualified and professional teachers. We help our students through every step of the way from booking their Spanish course to finding accommodation that best suits their needs, and encourage them to participate in our weekly cultural activities. From your every first day to your last, we do our best to ensure you make the most of your stay with us.

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Facilities include at Spanish School in Valencia

  • Historical building in the heart of Valencia’s old town
  • Surrounded by world famous sights, bars, restaurants and shops
  • 28 classrooms with modern facilities with over 2,000m2 of space
  • The 11th century Arab walls inside the school, creating an atmosphere of history and mystery
  • Two patios, roof garden with sun loungers, fruit trees and showers
  • Student area, BBQ area and kitchen
  • WIFI
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Five reasons

To choose our Spanish language school in Valencia

1. The Mediterranean coast – The climate, the culture, the way of life – the Mediterranean is popular for many reasons, and Valencia is situated right in the middle

2. Modernity and history – From the historical old town to the hyper-modern City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia has the best of both ends.

3. The beach – What better way to spend and afternoon after class than the bea

4. World food Capital (2017) – Valencia was named the world’s food capital in 2017 by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). This is also probably the best place in the world to enjoy Spain’s famous national dish paella, because it actually originates from Valencia.

5. Nightlife – Valencia has a buzzing nightlife scene, offering up all kinds of options. Do you like live music? Big open terraces or underground nightclubs? Don’t worry, here you will be able to find a bit of everything.

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