Special offer


bono ihspain

€50 off your next Spanish course with IH Spain

Just become a fan on the IH Spain Facebook page and then choose which city you want to take your Spanish course in.


  1. Students who are studying or have studied at any of the IH Spain schools will receive a 50€ discount voucher once their course has finished
  2. The vouchers are applicable to take a new course in any of the IH Spain schools (in the same city or in a different one).
  3. For students initially booked through an agency, the discount voucher will only be valid if they book through the same agency.
  4. For courses in the same city there needs to be a period of 12 months between the courses.
  5. For courses in a different city they can be taken without a minimum period of time between courses.
  6. When students take a combined course including 2 or more cities, it will be considered as one course and the €50 discount will apply to the course at the first school.
  7. The voucher can only be applied to intensive courses (20 or more lessons per week).
  8. This offer can not be combined with any other offer.
  9. The voucher is only valid for individual applications, not groups.
  10. Expiry date: Two years after the end of your last course with IH Spain.

Please noteYou will need to tell us when you enrol for your course: the offer will not get added automatically.